Disputes Between Business Owners

We represents stockholders, partners, members, and other owners of a company who have claims against each other or the board of directors. Cases may involve allegations of fraud, gross negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty. Read More

Disputes Over Business Sales

When a business sale goes bad, we may represent the buyer, the seller, or a professional involved in the failed transaction. Cases may involve the understatement of liabilities, overstatement of assets or sales, or failure to pay an earnout. Read More

Executive Compensation and Liability

We represent C-suite executives in high-stakes litigation over their compensation and liability. We understand how top executives think, how they solve problems, and where litigation strategies may diverge from the traditional approach. Read More


More than ever, contract language determines the playing fields for business disputes. This often means arbitration, an alternative system of justice with different rules and procedures. Read More

Commercial Litigation

We represent companies large and small in their business disputes. Our clients include banks, trusts, brokers, wealth managers and financial services firms, venture capital and private equity, industrial concerns, agricultural operations, health care and medical equipment providers, engineering… Read More

Family Wealth Litigation

In a battle over family wealth, generations of hard work can change hands in a single lawsuit. We help family members keep what is theirs, and we help family members deprived of their fair share. Read More


When a business collapses, we represent receivers appointed by the court. Our work involves the investigation, prosecution and defense of claims, the recovery, preservation and liquidation of assets, and the resolution of liabilities. Read More