Disputes Between Business Owners

We represent stockholders, partners, members, and other owners of a company who have claims against each other or the board of directors. Cases may involve allegations of fraud, gross negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty. Our clients may seek control or dissolution of a company, removal of directors or management, access to books, records or assets, a forced buyout, valuation or sale, money damages, or equitable relief.

We recently won a multi-million dollar jury verdict for breach of fiduciary duty in a construction company, resolved similar claims for a stockholder in a community bank, and obtained verdicts in separate farming partnership cases in Kansas and Missouri. We also have resolved:

  • 50-50 ownership disputes over a staffing company, an orthotics company, a pipe manufacturing company, a land development company, and a specialty retailer;
  • 51-49 ownership disputes over a sporting goods company and air charter company; and
  • Cases for minority owners of a national farm supply chain, a global think tank, an ethanol joint venture, oil partnerships in the Marcellus and Permian, and a roofing company.

In 2009, we won the second-largest jury verdict in Kansas City for land developers who were kicked out of their partnership. If you have trouble with your business partner, we can help.

Based in Johnson County, Kansas, GeigerLaw serves clients throughout the Kansas City area, in both Kansas and Missouri. To talk with us about a dispute between owners of a business, please call 913.777.7681.