Commercial Litigation

We represent companies large and small in their business disputes. Our clients include banks, trusts, brokers, wealth managers and financial services firms, venture capital and private equity, industrial concerns, agricultural operations, health care and medical equipment providers, engineering and technology companies, land and energy project developers, construction companies, retailers and wholesalers, nonprofits, and even other law firms.

Our extensive experience with breach of contract cases includes representing clients to verdict or judgment in four different trials over handshake agreements, and settlement of a dozen more, on both sides of the issue. We also prosecute former employees who breach contracts, misappropriate trade secrets, take property, or maliciously interfere with business relationships.

We enforce non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements. When your top producer breaks their contract and takes your customers and secret sauce to your competitor, we are the attorneys to hold them — and your competitor — accountable. Conversely, we defend companies and executives whose competitors try to unfairly weaponize contracts when they cannot win fair and square in the marketplace.

We prepare every case for trial or arbitration — not just for settlement — by turning complex evidence into cohesive themes, engaging presentations, and memorable closing arguments. We use the best courtroom technology to assimilate mountains of documents and testimony into a winning message. And if our client favors a business solution, our trial-ready cases produce better settlements.

Based in Johnson County, Kansas, GeigerLaw serves clients throughout the Kansas City area, in both Kansas and Missouri. To talk with us about commercial litigation, please call 913.777-7681.